Cruelty Free Makeup Tag!

I really love doing tags! I've always wanted to create my own but never really had any clue of what to make it about. I came up for the idea of this kind of randomly and I'm so happy to finally get this out there! I was really surprised when I saw no one had really done a tag about cruelty free beauty before (that I could find on Youtube anyway!) so I knew I had to do it myself!

This tag is all about discussing everything cruelty free!

Note: I use the term 'cruelty free' rather loosely in order to appeal to everyone. In this context it can simply mean not tested on animals or it can mean vegan. This way anyone can answer these questions!

1. Tell us about your cruelty free journey! Where did you start?
I first went cruelty free a few years ago when I had only just gotten into makeup. I honestly didn't have much since I didn't wear much although I had a killer lipstick collection! I don't remember my exact thought process but I remember hearing about animal testing and, being an animal lover, was shocked and disgusted. Then I found out that a lot of the brands I used tested on animals which shocked me even more. You never think that the big, well known makeup brands would test on animals, I always assumed it was the shady, sketchy brands. As I started getting more and more into makeup, I just started only buying from brands that didn't test on animals and slowly decluttering what was. Soon enough, I had a fully cruelty free collection. But then I realised that some of my makeup wasn't vegan. And so the cycle started again! It took a lot of panning and decluttering but now my collection is 100% (and also the biggest it's ever been!) I'm quite thankful that I never really owned much non-vegan makeup otherwise I'd either have wasted a lot of money and product. My co worker loved me though she got my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and my collection of Cover Girl lipsticks.

2. How do you feel about cruelty free brands with parent companies that test on animals?

I personally choose not to support them. I know many people will disagree with me on this but I do not see the point. The biggest argument people have is that it shows the parent company that there is a demand for cruelty free products. But to me this doesn't make sense. Unless you're emailing L'oreal every time you buy a NYX product telling them that you're only buying from them because they're cruelty free, they don't know that's what your money is going towards. Because at the end of the day, your money is still going towards animal testing, no matter how you spin it. This is just my opinion, I don't care if you choose to still support these brands. It is much better to support these brands than ones that still test on animals outright!

3. What is your main source for researching cruelty free companies?
Logical Harmony of course! It's honestly just my favourite, it's incredibly informative and is actually updated frequently! There are a lot of smaller, indie brands included on there which is great. I also like Leaping Bunny but it's a lot harder to be verified through Leaping Bunny. It is a good thing but there are a lot of smaller cruelty free brands who just can't afford to be verified.

4. Many people assume being cruelty free is expensive and the products don't work. Prove them wrong! What is your favourite product that is inexpensive and cruelty free?

Designer Brands Longwear Foundation! Honestly if you haven't heard of this brand, I highly recommend you check them out! They're an Australian inexpensive brand that is not tested on animals and 100% vegan. My favourite product from them is the Longwear foundation. It's one of the only foundations that actually last all day on my oily skin without looking cakey. It's also pretty full coverage and covers up my acne really well. I've completely used up three bottles of it so far and am on my fourth. Makeup tends to be a lot more expensive here in Australia so it costs $16 AUD (approximately $12 USD) which is probably one of the cheapest brands you'll find here (elf foundations typically cost $16 here as well). If full coverage foundation isn't your style, Designer Brands does have other formula's with different finishes for different skin types.

5. Name your top 5 cruelty free brands.

Kat Von D (In the processes of becoming 100% vegan)
TheBalm (Vegan Options)
Shiro Cosmetics (100% vegan)
My Pretty Zombie (Vegan Options)
Lunatick Cosmetic Labs (100% vegan)

6. Are you cruelty free in other aspects of your life?
Yes! I'm vegan in every part of my life except for food funnily enough. I do eat vegan where ever I can but I haven't made the switch yet. However, I don't purchase anything that has been tested on animals. I also don't wear fur or leather or anything like that. My (vegan) best friend always jokes that I went on my vegan journey completely backwards which is pretty true! Most people do start with food and slowly move on to other areas but I like to be different!

7. Who are your favourite cruelty free youtubers? Do you watch youtubers who are not cruelty free?

My favourites are livloveshermakeup, BiohazardousBeauty, Tashina Combs, Rhian HY and Nibbles Official.
I've been watching Nibbles and Tori from BiohazardousBeauty for years now and I really love them both. I definitely recommend Tori if you like indie beauty and colourful, gothic looks. Her skills are absolutely incredible. Nibbles doesn't do much makeup related content anymore but I love her discussion videos and her vlogs. The few makeup tutorials she does do are unique and gives me so much inspiration. 
I haven't been watching Liv from livloveshermakeup for as long as the others but I have been watching her for about 11 months and god damn I love her! She's sassy, upbeat and extremely funny. She always seems to be coming up with great new discussions and awesome ideas. Many of these I want to do myself in blog form!
I feel like most people in the cruelty free community will already know Tashina (aka Logical Harmony!) and Rhian but I couldn't not mention them. They're a great source for reviews and new product releases. I love watching their collab videos, they are just so cute together and so funny!

I do watch youtubers who aren't cruelty free. I mainly like to watch discussion based makeup videos so I don't really watch reviews or tutorials as often. With discussion based channels it doesn't really matter if the person is cruelty free or not since it doesn't affect their content as much as tutorials or reviews. When I do watch reviews, I only watch ones with products I have an interest in buying. And with tutorials I can pretty much always find cruelty free alternatives for the products featured.

Please feel free to do this tag yourself! I'd love to see your answers!


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